Benefits – L Brands ACES ETM

L brand employee portal is the easiest way for the company to manage its employees and associates. ACES ETM login portal centralizes all communication between employees and management which allows them to work better and more effectively. There are many benefits to this portal and every employee of the L brand should be aware of them to take advantage.

ACES ETM Benefits

One of the best benefits of this portal is easy to access the schedule. Employees can find their work schedules in the ACES ETM dashboard and they can plan their holiday accordingly. Associates can send leave applications directly to their manager and get approved for that too.

Apart from that, every L brand employee can access their discounts and benefits directly from the portal. L brands and the store that are associated with the company offer a certain discount rate for their employees. They can find the information in the portal, look for rewards and discounts in the ACES ETM portal and you can find all the information there. In the holiday seasons, it also offers extra rewards and discounts too.

ACES ETM Login portal additionally provides all the financials and taxation information of every employee. Associates can find their payroll, statements, W – 2 form, and more. They can also print out statements and other important documents directly from the portal.

Every L brand employee receives health benefits and 401K along with other advantages too. Employees can check their benefits directly from the ACES ETM portal under the benefits option. They will find all the necessary information regarding health insurance, dental, retirement plan, 401K, and more.

L brand employees can find better jobs with higher pay inside the company. They can apply for the job directly from the portal too. There are numerous other advantages as well. We hope this article will help you find all the necessary information regarding ACES ETM benefits.